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Award Winning Cookie Recipe #1


   Please Let Me share the actual story of how I stumbled upon this amazing recipe....

    A little over 20 years ago, a very nice lady walked into my aunt's florist shop, in the small mid-western town of Newark, Ohio.  This lady shared something very special with my mother and several of my Aunt's who were  working there at the time. The lady brought in a plate full of Christmas cookies that were unlike anything they had ever eaten before. Most important, she gave them the recipe!! Mind you, this was NO COMMON Christmas cookie recipe. There is a "Magic Ingredient" added to the otherwise rather "standard" dough that makes these cookies So Special!

   If a cookie could actually melt in your mouth, it's this cookie! The first time I ate one of these I wasn't ready for  what happened next.. This may sound over the top, but if you ever have the chance to eat one of these cookies... YOU WILL KNOW exactly what I MEAN !! This recipe has been in my family ever since the day that lady walked into my Aunt's florist shop. Over the years, members of my family have taken  these cookies to work and to other group gatherings for holiday parties, and more than just a few "bake off" contests, and we always make sure to bring plenty of copies of the recipe, because THEY WON'T LET US LEAVE until we give them the secret to these wonderful cookies. It has won hands down, against any other sugar cookie. I know this sounds extreme, but I assure you....IT's  the Complete TRUTH !!

    I haven't found this recipe written exactly this way anywhere else, so I will be willing to bet THERE IS NO OTHER VERSION exactly like what I am sharing with you here.  I truly believe NO OTHER cookie will taste exactly as unbelievably GOOD as this one does. I have never even found a similar recipe in a cook book that includes the "magic" ingredient that makes these cookies so special. I'm sure you have eaten iced Christmas cookies before that are hard and brittle a day or two after you baked them. It feels like you are trying to bite into a hockey puck! Well, I have tasted these cookies 2 WEEKS LATER and they are STILL as SOFT and flaky and moist as the day you bake them!!  The only thing is...THEY WILL NEVER LAST THAT LONG...BECAUSE THEY TASTE SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

   I could go on and say that you will be perfectly happy baking any of the other nine sugar cookie recipes on this site..  BUT I WOULD BE LYING HORRIBLY !!


     Please enjoy this Holiday Season Safely......And May God Bless you and All your Family.....!!!

Your Friend,

Kristal Smart

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